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Ultimate Naruto

Ultimate Naruto is based on the highly popular Naruto manga series. The upcoming RPG features plots rooted in the Naruto world, alongside an original drawing style and unique gameplay features that utilize the latest web-based gaming technologies for maximum accessibility. Ultimate Naruto promises to bring players a visual feast and an electrifying gaming experience.

Combining pure anime-based plot and exhilarating combat, Ultimate Naruto players will go hands-on with their favourite characters from the Naruto anime series as they form their own path as an ultimate and powerful ninja.
The game features are as follows:
1. All Naruto heroes here, you can recruit and upgrade them as your partner.
2. Original Anime Story, lots of vivid Naruto characters and lively dialogues.
3. Same Skills as in Manga Naruto.
4. Rich PvP mode and exciting battle events.